Free Blackjack

Play free blackjack to practice your techniques?

Play free blackjack to practice your techniques?

In everything, practice and repetition are the two keys to becoming a pro. In blackjack, it’s the same. To have all the skills required, online gambling halls offer a free fun or demo mode of blackjack. To play online slot game it, you do not need to make a deposit or place a money bet. The only condition is to be registered on the platform in question.

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To practice free blackjack is to have the opportunity to learn all the playing techniques at your own pace and to develop a personal Blackjack strategy . You will be able to test this function of insurance, access different gaming tables, make gigantic bets for your pleasure. And since there is no real money to bet, you have nothing to worry about.

The different types of blackjack bets

What if we now talk about the different kinds of betting in the game? Indeed, to play blackjack well, the golden rule is to know them well.

The double bet

As its name suggests, this action consists of doubling the amount of its initial bet once the first two cards have been dealt. If you decide to go for it, you should know that in the next turn only one card will be drawn. In American Blackjack, it is given, face down, to the player. He will not be able to reveal it until the dealer’s game is over. In all cases, the double bet is advantageous when the first two cards allow to have between 9 and 11 points.

Insurance, the double-edged sword

The dealer’s first face up card is an Ace or Jack? The time is no longer for fun. Indeed, the probability that he will make Blackjack is very high. Taking “Insurance” is the best way to protect your chances of winning. It consists of paying the bank half of the initial deposit as insurance. If the dealer reveals a 10 or a face thus obtaining a natural blackjack, the player loses everything except his insurance paid twice. Otherwise, the player loses the Insurance, but pockets the amount of his initial bet on the condition of winning the game. Otherwise, he loses both Insurance and his bet.

Perform a Split

Unlike the double bet, the Split allows you to create two hands by dividing your game. This type of bet can indeed be made as many times as the first two cards are a pair and therefore of identical value. The process involves placing a new bet of the same value as the initial on the table and playing each hand one after the other. If both win, the player wins double their initial bet. Which can be very interesting. If one of the cards wins, he neither loses nor gains anything. If both cards do not succeed, he will lose double his initial bet.

What about the earnings then? When a player hits blackjack, he is immediately paid out at 3: 2 which is equal to 1.5 times the original bet. Unless the dealer has also made two card blackjack. There is then equality and we speak of “push”. In this case, the round is canceled, no payment is made and the game continues.

In the same way, all the players having made a better score than that of the croupier, without having jumped, gain the equivalent of their setting. In case of abandonment from the distribution of the first cards, the player recovers half of his stake. The other belongs to the bank by right.